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Rubber mats for Subaru for:

Every year, every autumn and every winter, the rain causes the soil to be very dirty and wet. Especially in bad weather, it can not be avoided that the footwell in a vehicle is quickly affected. With Walser's high-quality, custom-fit all-weather mats, you'll always keep the footwell in your Subaru clean and tidy.

Walser offers you a very inexpensive and simple solution with a robust rubber mat. This effectively protects the footwell in your vehicle against dirt and moisture. A rubber mat in the footwell prevents wear and tear, so you can maintain and increase the value of your Subaru for a long time. With the 4-piece premium floor mat set from Walser, the entire foot area in your vehicle is given the perfect protection against contamination of all kinds. The rubber floor mats for the Subaru are available in black or anthracite, this color fits discreetly into the interior of the car ,

Custom-fit and easy-care rubber mats

The rubber floor mats are very easy to clean and uncomplicated to handle. The mats have been quickly put into the vehicle and removed just as quickly. You wipe them off with warm water and have a clean mat again. Annoying suction will be spared you. The high-quality set is tailor-made, so that the rubber floor mats fit perfectly into your Subaru.

Rubber mats for two popular models from Subaru

The rubber floor mats from Walser are currently available in our online shop for two standard vehicle models from Subaru. You'll find all-weather floor mats for the Subaru Forester and the Subaru Impreza that fit perfectly in here.

The easy-care rubber floor mats for your Subaru are very high quality processed. They are made of durable styrene-butadiene rubber in 100% SBR quality. This rubber quality, which has a high resistance to color and light, ensures that the perfectly fitting premium all-weather mats from Walser are very hard-wearing and have a long life expectancy.

The upper side of the rubber floor mats is provided with a grid pattern. This gives you a good grip as a driver in your car and it gives you safety while driving. On the back of the premium rubber mats are non-slip pimples that keep the mat on the floor where it should rest. There is no slippage in the footwell, no slipping with the shoes. So you have maximum safety in your Subaru in any weather and enjoy carefree driving pleasure.

Walser - your specialist for tailor-made rubber mats

We at Walser are your specialist when it comes to high-quality products for your vehicle. Whether you need durable car seat covers, easy-care floor mats, functional children's accessories or practical accessories. In our online shop you are guaranteed to find the right equipment for your vehicle!

Service and customer satisfaction are Walser's top priority

You have questions about the perfectly fitting rubber mats from Walser or you would like detailed and professional advice? Just use the contact form, the chat feature or the phone to contact us. Telephone calls from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are free of charge. Our dedicated staff is always ready to help you with any questions or requests, so you can get the perfect floor mat set for your Subaru that best suits your needs and expectations. Various secure payment methods and fast shipping complete our extensive service.

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