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Backrests protection for:

In this category, you can select the appropriate backrest protection from an attractive selection and thus conserve the backside of your front seat in a decorative way.

Clean front seats thanks to backrest protection

Do you often travel with small and bigger riders in your car and would you like to protect your forefathers from dirt? Then you are exactly in the right place in this category. Particularly when driving with children, these often refer to the front seat with their shoes - A backrest securely protects reliably against contamination and nuisances. Simply attached to the front seat, the Autositz-schooner always ensures clean seats.

Robust materials and appealing design

A back rest protector from our range not only fulfills its function, but also provides a decorative enrichment. Child-friendly motifs provide for the small riders for more fun. While driving and conjure up a smile on each face. The car seat protectors are made of high quality and robust materials, which can be easily cleaned if necessary.

Do you have any questions? Then contact us!

For a better overview, we have provided each type of backrest protection in this category with a picture and a detailed description. Would you like to know more? Just contact us, our staff will be happy to assist you.

Look around this category and find exactly the backrest protection that suits you!

Backrest protection for your car seat - a good idea

A backrest protector is suitable for anyone who protects the back of your front seat, Ting. Most of the time, it is dirty children's shoes, which often bring dirt to the driver's or passenger's seat. With a Walser back rest, these worries are a thing of the past. The backrest protector is easily attached to the driver's seat or passenger seat, thus ensuring optimum protection. The protection for the backrest of your car seat is offered in many different colors and designs - or simply in black.

Alternatively, you can purchase an organizer, but the advantage is that you have additional storage space at your disposal.

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