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Sheepskin Seat covers for:

Lambskin seat covers provide an excellent fit and can be used in winter as well as in summer.

Modern car seat covers made of lambskin are also suitable for side airbags suitable for comfortable driving.

Not only when the temperatures fall below the freezing point, its car seat cover made from lambskin guarantees the user comfortable temperatures and more seat comfort. Lambskin as material is particularly high-quality and provides as a natural material also for a regulation of the humidity house. Apart from the fact that they are easy to look at, seat covers made of lambskin always provide comfort in the car every day, whether it is round the corner or a longer tour.

Seat covers made of lambs quickly bring warmth

Just in autumn and winter, when entering the car, an often unpleasant to cold seat and backrest is waiting for the driver and the passenger. It is precisely the backlash against the calf that is sensitive, apart from the perceived calves, this can also set up tension, which can still cause discomfort even after driving. Genuine lamb fur provides for a corresponding warming so that the affected body parts are not impaired. In any case, the mood is also high when one has it warm and comfortable. Usually it takes some time until the heating of the car worked accordingly. Seat covers made of lambskin as well as the different color models of the car accessories Walser guarantee the fulfillment of all requirements, which bring a contemporary seat cover for the car. And approved by the German Federal Motor Vehicle Authority, the Lamammfell seats are of high safety standard. The high quality material is also resistant to soiling and at 30 degrees also hand washable. Characteristic for the quality and therefore the favorable price-performance ratio of the Walser car seat accessories is the mounting bar for the head support holder. The strip can be cut open at the appropriate one, the construction prevents further penetration of the fabric.

Whether for use as a satchel, seat support or as a seat cover for front seats and rear seats, the lambskin seat covers ensure high-quality optics inside the vehicle - Which perfectly complements the added value of comfortable sitting in the car. Enjoy the good feeling of being able to sit on the lambskin after a frosty night and to feel good.

High-quality car seat covers made of lambskin from specialized dealers

Depending on the model also the suitability for side airbags can be checked. With a list of Walser car accessories you can quickly find out which options are available! Stylish seat covers made of lambskin are also covered on the backside, as in the case of Walser, so that no real skin appears. Who would want to do even more good? Autozubehosen Walser also has color-matching lambskin for the steering wheel in the range! Seat covers made of lambskin for many autotypes are the fast and comfortable solution to get comfortable through the winter.

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