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The car seat covers of Walser for your car provides an ideal protection of your cushion.

Do you want to protect the seats in your car reliably and inexpensively? Our Online-Shop provides you a big selection of high quality car seat covers for a lot of vehicles types.

Car seat covers for cars in many different materials

Out seat covers for cars are made of different materials. It doesn’t matter if you prefer robust polyester or breathable cotton. We have the suitable car seat cover for everybody's taste. Do you want something elegant for your vehicle? We have car seat covers made of real leather too and cheaper versions made of artificial leather in our assortment. With the car seat cover made of lamb skin it is warm and cuddly in the wintertime. At Walser you get exclusively the patented and breathable material Aerotex too.

Inexpensive and safe protection for your car seats

The car seat covers of Walser protect reliably against daily scuff, dirt and moisture – all this for a very good price. As a result our car seat covers can help to keep the value of your car.

New look and fresh colours for your car

Walser car seat covers protect your seats reliably and give your vehicle a fresh look. Decide between different designs and luminous colours and your car will shine in a new splendor.

Big assortment of car seat covers

Have a look around our shop. We have suitable car seat covers for every type of car in lots of different designs and colours for little money.

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