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Neckrolls for:

Are you traveling with the family traveling? Our neck brackets for children are sure to contribute to the highest riding comfort.

Especially for Kids: Neck Rollers in Favorite Designs

The various pillowcases of this category are fully adapted to the needs of children: thanks to the wide color palette and the imprints with popular children's motifs, both girls and boys are addressed. All of the neck rollers of this category are so well padded and soft that your children can fall quickly into the country of dreams even with longer motorcars, yet they are safe all around. So you also have a relaxing trip. Our neckrolls are also washable - so guarantee a long driving distance; For you and your children!

Quality checked

The safety of our customers is very important to us, so our goods are always quality tested. This way, we can perfectly combine safety and comfort in this category. Our Trusted Shop GÃ u uiegel seal is of the highest customer satisfaction and excellent price-performance ratio.

Let us advise you - we are there for you

Choose from the variety of different designs and colors the matching neckroll for your child. The friendly and competent staff of our customer hotline will surely give you the best advice.

Discover the new favorite roll for your child, and look forward to the most relaxing family trip.

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