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Wheel covers for:

Are you looking for beautiful and high-quality wheel covers? In our Onlineshop you will find a large selection of different models from Walser in order to put your car in a good mood.

Cheap and durable - wheel covers by Walser

Our wheel covers are, in contrast to very expensive rims, the perfect solution to upgrade your car cheaply and quickly to your taste. We at Walser offer you very elegant and high quality wheel covers in many sizes (from 13 to 16 inches) and in a variety of designs.

Best quality: unbreakable and high-gloss finish

Our durable products are all made of break-proof and splinter-free ABS plastic. The double lacquer and the high gloss lacquer give the wheel trim a noble look at a very small price.

Quick and easy tuning thanks to wheel covers

A simple assembly with an optimal pretension and a stainless spring steel ring of this jewelery makes your car quickly an eye-catcher on the road. So you can change the look of your car yourself with a few hand movements. The valve recess also makes it easy to reach the tire valves.

Modern and beautiful optics - also with winter tires

Do you know this: your summer tires are equipped with very nice and expensive rims, in contrast to the winter tires, which are only used with steel rims to protect them from straying. Would you like to enjoy the beautiful looks of your car in winter too?

Then you can rest in our Onlineshop, because here you will find an inexpensive alternative: high-quality wheel covers in many different designs and sizes. Enjoy a great look at a small price!

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