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Rubber mats for Honda for:

Do you want to equip your Honda with matching foot mats? Then we have exactly the right one for you.

High quality rubber mats for your Honda

Pass-through rubber mats look not only super, but also preserve the value of your car, because the foot is effectively protected against nuising and dirt. However, you should not use any mats of rubber mats, as the mats can not slip in the foot and cause safety during the ride. With our tailor-made foot mats, neither the mat nor your foot will slip; - at the same time, protect the sensitive autobodies effectively from snow, rain, earth, rocks and other dirt particles.

Walser premium quality mattresses

We are an expert for car accessories and Trusted Shops. Our foot mats are characterized by a particularly heavy quality and by their longevity. For each model, we have a matching foot mat set consisting of two front mats as well as two back mats. The complete set is available in our online shop at a very reasonable price.

These Honda foot mats can be seen!

Our Honda rubber mats are 100% styrene-butadiene rubber. The material is very flexible and at the same time very sturdy and resistant. The rubber mats are structured on both sides: small spikes on the underside prevent slipping of the mats in the footwell. On the top, the mats are patterned with check patterns. In these, the dirt can collect and, at the same time, the slipping is prevented even in the case of nuisances.

Walser: Fast shipping and great service

We usually ship your footprints on the same working day so you can start as fast as possible. From 50 Euro value your Honda rubber mats even come free of charge to your home.

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