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Rubber mats for Ford for:

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Are you looking for a rubber mats set for your Ford? These Ford foot mats convince with a high quality and a great price!

Full Foot Protection for your Ford

The footprint of your Ford is as dirt-sensitive as your floor at home - but you can not take your dirty shoes off in the car. Inadvertently, you will carry dirt and moisture into the interior of your car without notice. With passable rubber mats, you avoid the contamination of the interior and ensure that your car looks good. At the same time you contribute to the value of the car. We offer you rubber mat sets for several Ford models at a particularly affordable price.

High-quality rubber mats set by Walser

You get not only a rubber mat, but also a whole rubber mats set consisting of two front mats and two back cushions. These are precisely designed for your Ford model and ensure a 100% protection. Trust a trusted supplier because we are a member of trusted stores and offer you only products of the highest quality -

Customized rubber mats with ideal properties

Our rubber mats consist of SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber). This material is a very sturdy, easy to squeeze and flexible material that convinces with its longevity. On these mats, you can not slip, because our practical surface structuring ensures a secure hold. Also the underside of our mats is structured by numerous anti-slip knobs, which prevent the slides from slipping in the floor and contribute to your safety.

Order your feet with the expert!

We ship on the same working day and from 50 Euro value within Germany free shipping!

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