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How do you estimate the area of your Hyundai? Very simple: with custom hyundai rubber mats!

Pass-Through feet for your Hyundai

Your Hyundai's footprint is prone to dirt and debris caused by entrained road pollution and nuisances. These stains are often difficult to remove and greatly reduce the value of your vehicle. With our matching mats, which have been designed for all Hyundai models, you can prevent this contamination. Passable rubber mats are a small investment with a great effect.

Quality Walser foot mats

Trust the expert for car accessories, because we offer you here a passable foot mat set in top quality. The set consists of two front mats and two rear mats, which are perfectly tailored to the foot of your Hyundai. The mats are impressive because of their heavy quality, their longevity and their very good price / performance ratio.

Great rubber mats with lots of practical extras.

The Hyundai rubber mats consist of 100% SBR, a high-quality styrene-butadiene rubber. They are therefore flexible and robust at the same time and can be kept clean and child-friendly, as well as being particularly durable. Dirt accumulates in the intelligent surface structure of the foot mats and can easily be removed or washed off. On the underside, the foot mats are equipped with anti-slip knobs, which prevent slipping of the mats in the footwell and thus contribute to a safe ride.

Fast shipping: from 50 & euro; free!

If you order workdays, we will ship your footprints on the same day. From a goods value of 50 euros, your new rubber mats will be delivered by Walser even free of charge. Order now!

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