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Rubber mats for Skoda for:

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How do you want to upgrade the interior of your Skoda with new feet? Then take a look at our matching models!

Passing Skoda Gummimatten by Walser

Gummimatten ensure that the inside of your Skoda remains dry and is protected from dirt. If, however, you choose conventional mats instead of suitable foot mats, they can easily slip in the foot. This allows dirt and water to enter the floor, while at the same time ensuring your safety during the journey, as the mats can get stuck in the floor. With the right-hand Skoda Fuels mats from Walser, you are on the safe side!

A custom made from Walser

As an expert for car accessories, we know what is important and therefore offer you in our online shop only high quality products. Our rubber mats have been perfected for your Skoda model and therefore do not slip in the interior. At the same time you can convince yourself by their heavy mat quality and their robust surface. The Walser footmats will give you a lot of fun for years to come.

Special quality thanks to high-quality processing

The anti-slip knobs on the underside of the rubber mats enhance their hold in the foot and prevent slipping, while the intelligent surface structure also ensures that you do not slip on the mat. In the small squares, dirt particles and water accumulate and can be removed from there without a trace - and your footprint remains clean and dry.

This is how fast your rubber mats can be with you:

Your foot mat set will be shipped from us on the same working day and will come free of charge to you from your home!

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