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Nets and tarpaulins

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Transport net elastic 100x180cm
Transport net elastic 100x180cm
Content 1.8 Quadratmeter (€5.53 / 1 Quadratmeter)
€17.95 €9.95
Transport net elastic 200x300cm
Transport net elastic 200x300cm
Content 6 Quadratmeter (€5.83 / 1 Quadratmeter)

You regularly use a carrier for transports? Then our networks and tarpaulins are the perfect load securing system.

Nothing is lost with this load securing system

Firewood for the chimney, lawn cut, foliage and leaves from the garden or the furniture at the move - there is almost nothing that can not be transported on a trailer. The nets and tarpaulins are particularly well suited for the load to be safely secured on the road. The tarpaulins have a size of around 2 x 2 meters, so you can use them for each trailer. When transporting garden waste, the hard-wearing tarpaulin ensures that no roads or leaves fall onto the road and that the next motorists fall behind them.

Mesh load securing is particularly elastic

nets are particularly suitable for securing larger objects. A great advantage: they are particularly elastic, they have a little room for travel during the ride and can not ride even with a faster ride or with a little wind. In addition, ensure that you are always aware of the charge in the rear mirror and can immediately intervene if there are any problems.

Different sizes for the bearer

Our network backups are available in several different sizes, so you are sure to find the right one. Discover exactly the nets and tarpaulins you need for load securing.

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