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Load straps

Deka-Newton (daN) A Deka-Newton is 10 Newton. Newton is a unit of force according to the international unit system with the unit symbol N (1 kg m / s 2). For the purpose of simplifying the calculation of load securing, the weight forces are often given in daN. A load with a weight of 1,000 kg loads the load area with approximately 1,000 daN.

In this category, you will find high-quality and durable load straps that help you secure your load.

Also to be safely on the move with load

You are transporting often bulky or heavy goods? Then you need suitable load straps which ensure the reliable securing of the objects and prevent accidental slipping during driving. Not only in everyday work, but also on private journeys, the robust belts always provide good service - Write security big; And use our load straps!

Load straps: different sizes and loads

Depending on which vehicles you transport with your vehicle, you can choose between different tensioning straps. The practical helpers are available in various lengths and widths. Some models include hooks and / or ratchets for securing the straps. The maximum load also varies according to the application. The exact details can be found in the product description of the individual articles.

Let us personally advise you!

Would you like to know more about our load straps or order directly the article of your choice? Then give us a call; Our staff at the hotline will be happy to help you with advice and action!

Now find suitable straps for each transport!

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