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The trunk is used by most vehicle owners as a storage location for the transport of many different items and is therefore prone to contamination: When moving falls, for example, a flower pot, the children throw after training their dirty football shoes in the back, the milk in the shopping basket runs out. In order to keep the trunk of your BMW clean and spotless, you will find boot tubs for all popular BMW models here in the Online Shop. These ensure that dirt and moisture in the boot are no longer a problem.

Tailored trunk mats for all BMW models

Depending on your vehicle, you will receive tailor-made trunk mats for BMW X3, X6, BMW 1 Series, BMW 3 Series and many other models at Walser. All of these are discreetly in the color black and fit into any interior. For the perfect fit, you select the appropriate model depending on the year of your BMW. The trunk mats for BMW are made of very durable, anti-slip material, so that everything stays firmly in place during transport. In addition, the mats are abrasion resistant, so they will last for a long time - even with daily loading and unloading of various objects of transport. The material remains elastic at extremely high as well as very low temperatures between -50 and +50 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the tailor-made form, the boot tub fits perfectly into the interior of your BMW.

Easy installation, uncomplicated cleaning

The installation of the trunk tubs for BMW vehicles is done easily. The elastic material folds up so you can easily put the mat in the trunk and fold it out. Just as uncomplicated this can be removed for cleaning again. Thanks to the high edges, it is ensured that dirt and moisture do not get into the trunk - everything is removed with the removal of the trunk mat from your BMW. The material is both water and oil repellent, so that spilled gasoline is no problem. You can rinse the mat with water after removing it, giving it back its noble look in no time.

Order in the Walser online shop and benefit from the outstanding customer service

Order the matching boot tubs for BMW in the Walser online shop and receive them within the next few days. The dispatch takes place with an order in the morning until 11 o'clock still on the same day. In stock mats will be delivered within 1-2 working days within Germany. The delivery time to other countries around the globe can be found in the clear list. If you have difficulty choosing the right model or if you have any questions about your new boot tub, you can contact our knowledgeable free customer service at 0800 / 0707-755. This is on weekdays with advice and practical help.

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