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Everyone knows that: In winter you clean the windows of your Audi from ice and snow. You may also have a tarpaulin for the windshield, which you fold even wet to stow it in the Audi. But where to go with the wet tarpaulin? Like anything that can not be stored in the passenger seat or on the back seat of the Audi, it lands in the trunk.

In the course of a long car life, you will probably be transporting many soiled and bulky items that leave marks in the form of stains and damage on the floor of the trunk. The Walser luggage compartments reliably pick up dirt and protect the floor of the boot from stains and damage. They are easy to clean and ensure that the interior of your trunk always looks clean and well-groomed.

Walser boot pans are available for all standard Audi models

It does not matter which Audi model you drive - the Walser boot tub is available for every Audi and covers the floor area of the trunk in a model-oriented and precisely fitting way. So the tub can not slip and transported items remain in the hold in their place. The high rim on the tub prevents dirt and liquid from overflowing at the edges and entering the boot.

TPE boot mat by Walser

The high-quality processed boot mats made of thermoplastic elastomer protect not only the interior of your car, but also the transported object. The hardwearing black mat lays like a cushion in your trunk and ensures that bulky, heavy objects do not damage the boot floor. At the same time, the anti-slip coating keeps the transported object in place. Due to the slightly padded surface, fragile objects in the mat are better protected against the unevenness of the road. The abrasion-resistant trunk mat remains soft and elastic at extreme temperatures in the range of -50 to +50 degrees. The textile-like surface blends in perfectly with the interior of your Audi and underlines the elegant, solid interior of your car.

Easy cleaning and installation

Due to their exact fit, the trunk tubs for Audi require no further attachments. Once laid out in the trunk, they are non-slip and cover the floor area completely. For cleaning, remove the pan in the same way and spray with the water hose. Even frequent cleaning of the boot tub with water does not lead to water marks or material damage. The trunk mats for Audi are of high quality, durable and hard-wearing - you will not want to do without these practical accessories.

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