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Seat Cushions for:

Car seat pads ensure relaxed driving and comfort in all seasons.

As simple as effective - Seat covers in the car. These are quickly attached and provide a fresh look as well as for more comfortable driving. For short distances as well as for long journeys, seat cushions ensure a pleasantly tempered and perforated seat, so that in summer as in winter more comfort is given. In addition, the additional upholstery protects the original seat from wear and tear. Seat covers in the car in many variants for the personal taste Especially in older cars, where the original seats are already worn or optically no longer so vivid, seat cushions in the car is much achieved. Also, when driving, it quickly happens that you are suffering from tense sitting, tension, headache, back pain and neck discomfort. In any case, a seat support on the car seat will help maintain the correct anatomical position, with all the positive effects for well-being - even if you are no longer behind the steering wheel. Especially during longer journeys, the car seat cushions can play their full benefits fully, the more relaxed sitting protects also against premature concession. Special seats with heating or a massage function provide additional comfort.

The ideal seat for your car seat

To be able to quickly enjoy a comfortable seat and back on cold days, the feel-good ambience of a bottle of water under the bedspreads is the same as for those who like to revive Massage pads can be used almost as a sitting chair. Last but not least, the many different designs make it possible to design the interior of the vehicle in accordance with the personal taste. And a new color or a sporty look also provides for variety, which simply does well. Walser Autozubeh? R offers seat covers for cars in a wide selection. Fits to the gypsy types and easy to fasten - Also, who would only occasionally use an edition, is at the specialist dealers Walser Autozubeh? R r in the right address. The seat brackets are very easy to maintain and easy to clean, and they still look appealing after a lot of shopping.

Seat covers also with wooden beads, heating or as a massage support

Whether with integrated heating, a soothing massage effect or simply as comfortable materials, seat cushions should actually have their place in every car. Even in the case of new vehicles, they are useful because, due to the additional function as a protective cover, the original seats remain in a clean and neat condition. Car seat cushions with wooden beads are the classics to achieve an optimal penetration and nevertheless to benefit from the insulating function of an air layer. The seat cushions with wooden beads are also very popular due to their high massaging effect.

In the car with seat rests enjoy more comfort and relaxed and tireless driving, especially on long journeys!

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