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At WALSER, the safety of our customers and the associated safety of our products take top priority. To achieve this, we manage the issue of safety at different levels, and here we wish to give an overview of the most important three:

WALSER Wert - Sicherheit
  • Production process

Each production process is constantly monitored by Walser and no production leaves the production facility without a final inspection. For these checks, we have our own team on site, which carries out a final inspection of the finished product. You can find further details on testing here..


  • Testing procedures

In addition to our own controls, most of our products are also regularly inspected by accredited, independent testing institutes such as TÜV Austria or TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH and certified with a test mark if the result is positive. In addition to conforming to statutory requirements, this also includes a large number of voluntary inspections, which we gladly carry out for the benefit of our customers and their safety. The most important tests include:

    • Side airbag compatibility: This involves checking whether a seat cover is compatible with a side airbag and does not restrict it in any way in the event of deployment.
    • Pollutant testing: Checking whether chemical ingredients comply with legal requirements or exceed statutory limits.
    • Checking the fire behaviour of materials
    • Electrical safety: Checking an item for possible short circuits, overvoltage and electric shock hazard.
    • Checking the reflecting properties of reflecting materials, for example the safety vest from SafetyMaker.


  • Products for more safety

We have developed special products to increase the safety of our customers in road traffic. These includes, for example, products that are highly reflective or illuminated with LEDs from the SafetyMaker brand that make the wearers more visible to other road users and thus dramatically increase your personal safety. Other safety items you should carry in the car, at all times, are for example safety vests and a complete first aid kit.


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