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Fiat Transporter Seat Covers for:

Sitzbezüge passgenau für Ihren Fiat

Transporter car seat cover for your Fiat Ducato

In this category you will find a range of Fiat transporters.

Discover the range of tailoring products!

The Fiat transporter seat covers are specially designed for us by Ma & szlig; For the Fiat Ducato. So you can be sure that your new seat covers will fit optimally as well as a second skin slip-resistant over your seats. These seats are an investment absolutely worth, they are nevertheless a cheap alternative to the cleaning. With new features, your car looks as new and supports you optimally in your professional service.

Artificial leather or polyester? You have the choice!

For the Fiat Transporter seat covers, we are also able to tailor exactly to your requirements, we manufacture for you in different materials. You can choose between the rugged, comfortable soft polyester and easy-care, wear-resistant synthetic leather. Depending on the size of your seats, one of the two materials will certainly fit you better. Please note, however, that most of the leatherette covers are not suitable for side airbags.

Tailored for your Fiat Ducato from BJ 2006

The Fiat Transporter seats fit perfectly for all models of the Fiat Ducato, which were built in July 2006. This is certainly the right reference for your Fiat Ducato as well.

Your new Fiat transporter seats - still questions?

If you have any questions about your new seats please call us! We will help you with the material selection of your Fiat transporter seat details or give you competent information on the accuracy of the references. Alternatively, you can write us an e-mail.

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