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Car wash brushes

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Here you will find washers for cleaning and care of the body.

The car wash becomes a children's game

Forget the scrubbing, sponge wasting, and stubborn drying to the washing machine. Here you will find wash baths, which will make the cleaning of your car child's play. You can connect the water hose directly to the handle of the baths in the various models. The water bucket as well as the remaining berths will become superfluous and the washing of the car becomes a pure pleasure.

Best quality straight from the professional

You can not go wrong with our washbodies. With the soft bristles, the varnish is cleaned in a gentle way without scratches or damage. The regular cleaning of the body is not just a question of aesthetics. Contaminants can attack the sensitive autolack and permanently damage it. For the prudent car owner, the cleaning of the car is therefore not only a question of aesthetics, but also of paint care. By freeing the paint regularly from soiling, protect it from permanent damage.

Autowash is a pure joy with our washbats.

Choose from our range of wash baskets, and there is something for you. Order today and see how effective and easy the car can be.

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