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Bump protectors

In order to avoid scratching your car with a Parkman, our shock protection is a simple means of protection.

A small bug with fatal consequences

It is not always easy to keep an overview of the whole car. In particular, when entering and leaving the car, or when maneuvering on narrow routes, it is easy to get stuck in somewhere. Scratches in the lacquer are the result. With our shock protectors, you can protect one of the most vulnerable spots in the car from scratches.

Stosprotectors - the perfect protection for your car

We manufacture our shock protection devices ourselves and offer you a robust quality, which is a lot of fun. The protectors are made of plastic and thick enough to prevent a direct collision of your car with walls, posts and other objects if it is slow.

A versatile selection for the well maintained car

We have put together a variety of shock protection devices to help you always find the model that best suits you and your vehicle. You can choose between short, self-adhesive protectors in black and silver, but you can also opt for an all-round protection of the whole car.

Now put your hand on and secure your vehicle with our shock protection.

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