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Edge protectors

With an edge protector, the most sensitive parts of your car are safe from damage.

Effectively protect sensitive edges

The edges of a car - especially on the doors and trunk - are always in danger of being damaged in everyday use. It is already sufficient to strike the door somewhere or open it with a heavy drink box at the trunk. An edge protector is easily attached and has an enormous effect. Scratches and dents in sensitive areas are no longer an issue.

High quality edge protector, easy to insert

Everything you can find in our range for edge protection has been selected by us according to strict criteria. This allows us to offer you always high quality products. And at a price you can not want to be more.

The perfect protection against dents

We have compiled a versatile range of edge protection for you. Discover products for the door edges, but also for the loading edges in the trunk or the whole trunk area. They are self-adhesive and very easy to install, as long as they are firmly attached.

Use simple but effective means to protect your car's sensitive paint.

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