A car seat cover protects your seat, looks good and is comfortable. Lots of designs lead to a style that suits your taste!

A neat car interior is not only an everyday’s pleasure but also has a big impact of the “blue-book-value” of a car. Even a very low priced universal car seat cover protects the original seats against dirt and signs of use which appear by time. A tailor made car seat cover guarantees a perfect fitting and additionally offers an optic that suits the model of the car and creates an added value.

A car seat cover as a slipcover for a design to suit the personal taste.

Either an old pre-owned car or a new vehicle – in both cases our car seat covers are useful as a supplementary equipment. While protection is essential for the owners of new cars, old cars get a nicer appearance and become more comfortable. It’s not just Signs of use which come up by time and influence the neat appearance. If not protected properly original seats soon might be affected with non-removable stains, especially when travelling with kids. The range includes a high quality car seat cover as well as a low end universal cover. The attractive ratio of price and value leaves nothing else to be desired.

The car seat covers that are distributed by Walser Automobile Accessories guarantee comfort and safety in every case.

The covers are hardly inflammable, TUV certified and therefore they fulfil the appropriate safety requirements. Light and colour fastness of the materials are on a high level and lead to a neat appearance. An ongoing fresh and clean feeling in the car interior can even be created by a car seat cover that is washable by hand or with 30 degrees. The additional function of the laminated car seat covers as a padding for the seat and back surface provides a nice car ride due to the increased comfort. The advantage of Walser Automobile Accessories is the wide range of models, designs and materials. There are options from low priced universal covers to high quality leather equipment and tailor made seat covers. Even the choice of the colours leaves space for the own taste. The uniform optic in the car interior leads to a pleasant atmosphere to feel well no matter if made in subtle colours or sportive designs.

Based on the type list you can find out easily which seat cover is suitable and if the product is equipped with the TUV tested WALSER CLIX III System.

Car seat cover in universal size or tailor made for a lot of models.

Tailor made seat covers made of cloth lead to an added value. The high quality material and the perfect fitting create a new appearance of the inside of your car. A universal car seat cover protects the seats effective and decorative and the inside atmosphere is even nicer. You don’t need an effortful and therefore expensive cleaning just because you can’t avoid wear tracks anyways.

A car seat cover as a decorative added value for every vehicle – if you are in the mood for a fresh outfit for your car or as measure to obtain the value of the vehicle.
Car Seat Covers Pineto grey for 2 Front Seats
Art.Nr. 12437
our old price: from 37,90 EUR*
new price: 34,11 EUR*
valid until 12/21/2015
Leather Car Seat Cover Front Seat
Art.Nr. 19619
our old price: 96,90 EUR*
new price: 87,21 EUR*
valid until 12/21/2015
Car Seat Cover Dirty Harry darkgrey
Art.Nr. 12070-0
our old price: from 16,90 EUR*
new price: 15,21 EUR*
valid until 12/21/2015
Car Seat Pad Ravenna beige made of artificial leather
Art.Nr. 11277
our old price: from 26,90 EUR*
new price: 24,21 EUR*
valid until 12/21/2015
Car Seat Cover Sussex black Artificial leather
Art.Nr. 11955
our old price: from 96,90 EUR*
new price: 87,21 EUR*
valid until 12/21/2015
Transporter Car Seat Cover Lissabon VW T5 single front seat made of robust polyester from 09/2009 to present
Art.Nr. 10463
our old price: from 27,90 EUR*
new price: 25,11 EUR*
valid until 12/21/2015
Lambskin Car Seat Cover beige with faux fur parts
Art.Nr. 19324
our old price: from 53,90 EUR*
new price: 48,51 EUR*
valid until 12/21/2015
ZIPP IT Basic Car Seat Covers RS Racing Blue
Art.Nr. 11778
our old price: 62,50 EUR*
new price: 56,25 EUR*
valid until 12/21/2015
* incl. VAT. plus shipping costs