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Car Seat Cover Cruise red black

This car seat cover can be used for cars with or without side-airbag.
Due to the opening the side-airbag can inflate in case of an accident.

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Car Seat Cover Cruise red black
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Car Seat Cover Cruise red black
Art.Nr. 12589
our old price: 21,99 EUR*
new price: 16,90 EUR*
valid until 04/20/2014
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Art.Nr. 11310
our old price: 29,90 EUR*
new price: 23,90 EUR*
valid until 04/25/2014
Car Seat Cover Devon Premium black
Art.Nr. 11972
our old price: 54,90 EUR*
new price: 43,92 EUR*
valid until 04/25/2014
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Art.Nr. 16591
our old price: 14,90 EUR*
new price: 11,90 EUR*
valid until 04/25/2014
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